• Discover the many opportunities available to help secure your financial future through the use of a comprehensive suite of investment and insurance products.

    At Retirement Income Strategies, we can help you determine a strategy appropriate for your financial situation.

  • We at Retirement Income Strategies have dedicated our professional lives to helping retirees and aspiring retirees implement comprehensive strategies to create and preserve wealth in volatile and uncertain times. Long before the market crash of 2008, we developed strategies to help hard-working, affluent Americans preserve their retirement savings. These strategies were based on investment approaches — previously only available to ultra-wealthy investors (billionaires) — that now are available to the “millionaire next door.” Since the invention of our core investment philosophy, we’ve been leading innovators with a number of unique and highly effective plans, including:

    • Structured Income and Inheritance Planning
    • Family Pension Planning with Qualified Accounts
    • Wealth Conversions
    • Inflation Edge Investment Strategies

    Our organization has trained CPAs, attorneys, and financial advisors from across the country. These professionals who train with our team are here to learn how to do the best job possible and truly serve their communities’ retired populations and their families. As teachers, we’ve learned the importance of keeping our proprietary concepts and our plans simple, straightforward and easy to understand. Way back when, we all thought getting a better value for our money meant buying the CD at the bank with the highest rate or buying and holding “quality” stocks. Estate planning meant having a will or a basic trust. Things have come a long way since then. Although the economy is turbulent and the government has gone wild with our money, opportunities still exist.

    It takes courage to face up to things like volatile markets, fast-talking financial salespeople, long-term care concerns, outliving your savings, and Wall Street money traps. It might seem easier to ignore or deny it, or to just hold on, tough it out, and see where it all goes, but honestly we believe you and your family deserve better.

    Our process starts with a proven set of diagnostic reviews, which we call the Complete Planning Review (CPR), to identify significant financial and family planning problems. We identify problems that at present, could stop you from meeting your goals. These problems range from minor to severe.

    Meet Kristian Finfrock

    kristian-newKristian L. Finfrock is the founder of and a financial advisor at Retirement Income Strategies. Kristian is an active member of the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) and Advisors Excel, a national group founded to provide guidance and education to the highest level of financial professionals in the industry. He is also a member of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA), and is a former member of the NAIFA board of directors for the state of Wisconsin. Kristian has many years of experience providing retirement and income planning for individuals, and he strongly believes that a retiree’s income should never be affected by something a market does or does not do. Thus, he focuses on creating dependable streams of retirement income that his clients may not outlive.

    In his current practice at Retirement Income Strategies, Kristian and his team help individuals and business clients establish sophisticated, yet easy to understand, solutions for protecting and preserving wealth while minimizing tax exposure.

    Kristian resides in Evansville, Wisconsin, with his wife, Kristie, and two daughters, Kaitlynn (12) and Kendra (9). They spend quality time golfing and traveling. They are members of St. John’s Lutheran Church, where Kristian sits on the Church council and is very active in the stewardship ministry.

    He is a member of the Better Business Bureau and the National Ethics Bureau. The National Ethics Bureau (NEB) is an organization that provides an extensive national background check process designed specifically for financial professionals. To grow his knowledge bank, Kristian travels to many advanced planning seminars throughout the nation each year.

    If you’re worried, unsure, unhappy, or losing sleep about what your money, your retirement, and your financial future will be; then do something about it. Pick up the phone and call us at 888.275.3935.

    Kristian Finfrock


    Our founder and top financial professional, Kristian Finfrock, wants you to maintain a retirement savings that is not majorly impacted by today's volatile market. Contact us at 888.275.3935 to learn more.

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