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{{You’ve|You have|You and your spouse have} {been diligently working|worked diligently|worked hard| been working hard|worked carefully|been working carefully|worked a long time|been working a long time|worked for years|been working for years} {while {saving money|investing|saving|preparing}|to {save money|invest|save|plan|prepare}} for your {future|oncoming|well-deserved|well-earned|upcoming} retirement.|Your {hard-earned|future} retirement is {worth|worthy of} planning {wisely|carefully|intelligently|strategically}.|{You’ve|You have|You and your family have} been {diligently working|working hard|working} to {invest|plan|prepare|save money} for your {future|oncoming|hard-earned|upcoming|well-deserved|well earned} retirement.|You and your {family|spouse|partner|loved ones} have {diligently worked|worked hard|planned carefully|been careful|the know-how|the smarts} to {prepare|invest|save money} for retirement.|{Diligence|Patience|A careful strategy|Working hard} is {essential|important|crucial|necessary} when {investing|preparing|saving money} and {planning|creating a {strategy|plan} for retirement.}} {{Have you identified what you|Do you know what you|Have you picked what you|Have you decided what you} want to {achieve|do|accomplish} {during retirement|when you retire} and {how much post-retirement income|the funds|how much money|the amount|the income} {necessary|needed|you’ll need|you require} to {make|reach|see|complete} your goals?|{Do you know|Have you} {thought about|considered} what you want to do once you {retire|get there|reach retirement} and {how much it will cost|how much it costs|the money it costs}?|What do you {want to do when you retire?|dream of when you retire?|dream of doing after retiring?} How much will it cost?|Once you {decide|know|choose|pick} {what you want to do for retirement|your retirement plan|your retirement strategy}, you have to {prepare|plan} for the {price|cost} to reach your {dreams|goals}.|{Have you decided|Do you know} how you want to spend your {golden years|post-retirement years|retirement}? Do you have the {funds|savings|money} to {do it|reach that goal|make it happen}?|You need the {funds|savings|money|reserves|income} and {a strategy|a plan|ideas} to {make|achieve|reach|accomplish} your post-retirement goals.} {Perhaps you have {ideas|an idea}, but {eventually|at some point} you will {require|need|have to have} something more {tangible|concrete}.|You might have {an idea|ideas} {for|about} {how you want to retire|retirement|your retirement plan}, but you need something {tangible|concrete} to {get there|reach them|make them a reality|to live them}.|{You will|You’ll|You} {require|need|have to have} a {tangible|concrete|realistic} plan to {reinforce|back up|support} your retirement {strategy|ideas}.|{Plans|Strategies|Ideas} for retirement are {smart|great|wise|exciting}, but you {will need|need|will require|require} a {tangible|serious|realistic|concrete} plan to {make it|reach them|make them happen}.} {That’s {when|where} {our|the} financial advisors at Retirement Investment Strategies {can help|come in|can assist you}.|That’s {when|where} financial advising {with|from} Retirement Investment Strategies {can assist|comes in|saves the day}.|{That is when|That’s where|That is where|This is where} financial advising tips from Retirement Investment Strategies {can help|will help|can assist|will assist}.|Retirement Investment Strategies {provides|offers|has} financial advising to {draft|design|create} a {retirement plan|retirement strategy|plan|strategy}.|Retirement Investment Strategies {provides|offers|has} financial advising tips to {assist|help} you {achieve|reach|get to|plan for} retirement wisely.} {{Together|As a team}, we can {sort through|analyze|evaluate} your financial goals and {create|draft|construct} a {plan|strategy} {to help|that will allow|that will enable|that will help} you to {reach|achieve|realize} your {goals|dreams|hope} of a {happy|comfortable|secure} retirement.|{Together|As a group|As a team}, our independent financial advisor can {assist|guide|help} you achieve your dreams.|{Our independent financial advisor|Retirement Income Strategies’ independent financial advisor} works with you {closely|as a team} so you can{get to|reach|make it to} retirement {securely|comfortably}.|You can {achieve|reach} your dreams of {happy|secure|comfortable} retirement with the {assistance|guidance|help} of an independent financial advisor from Retirement Income Strategies.}

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{With years of experience {providing|giving|helping others with} {smart|solid|sound} financial advice, we do our best to {keep|maintain|hold|live up to} our reputation in and surrounding areas.|We {strive|do our best|do everything we can|go out of our way} to {keep|hold|live up to|maintain} our reputation with years of {expertise|experience|know-how} in and surrounding areas.}

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{Our {independent|professional|knowledgeable|experienced|well-trained|well-versed|helpful} financial advisors have access to several different investment and insurance companies, each supplying various financial products.|Our {independent|professional|knowledgeable|experienced|well-trained|well-versed|helpful} financial advisors can {reach|access|use} {several|different|a variety of} investment and insurance companies, each {providing|supplying|offering|with} various financial products.}{This allows our advisors {the ability|the means|flexibility} to {offer|provide|give} {tailor-made|customized|personalized} financial products.|{These connections give|This gives} you access to {useful|helpful|essential|these} tools through our advisors.|These connections allow our advisors to customize your financial products.|This enables our advisors to customize our financial products.} {{Every client|Every familiy|Everybody|Every customer} is {unique|special|different}, so why wouldn’t their portfolios be?|We know that {all our clients have|every client has|every family has|all our customers have} {unique|special|different} {requirements|needs} and {an individualized|a different} portfolio.|We {know|love|acknowledge} {all our clients are|that every client is|everyone we see is} {unique|special|different}; {then|so} why {would|should} their portfolios {be|look} the same?|No retiree is {the same|alike} and neither is their portfolio.}

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{The financial advisors|Our financial advisors|Our independent financial advisors} at Retirement Investment Strategies {recommend|prefer|aim for|want to see|strive for|want|try to accomplish} {lasting|continuous|steady|stable|long-term} {development|growth|increases} over {quick|instant|immediate|short-term}, {unpredictable|uncertain} investments.

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