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{{If you have spent|After you spend} {more than thirty years|most of your adult life|four or even five decades|decades|years} working {for someone else|professionally|to make ends meet}, it’s time to spend {time on yourself|your life doing what makes you happy} during your retirement{| years}. If you’re {near|close to} {your retirement years|retirement}, you know what {you need|that means} –- an income of about {three quarters|75 percent} of what you earned while {employed full-time|working}, {as well as|plus} {money|funds} for {medical {expenses|costs}|health care} and {reserves|savings|a nest egg} to {get you closer to your|help you reach} {goals|aspirations|dreams} like {a boat or RV|more education}, {world travel|vacations}, {{art|craft} projects|hobbies} or{| building} a dream {house|home}. {If you haven’t already, t|T}ake a {close|careful} look at your retirement {portfolio|accounts|outlook} and work with a{| qualified,} trusted financial professional to{| help you} make the most{| out} of your {retired|senior|golden} years.|{{Ignore|Forget|Forget about} what they say {regarding|about|concerning} your {younger years|20’s}, your retirement years {are|should be} the {the real prime|best years} of your life|Your {time in retirement|retirement {days|years}} should be the {happiest|best|most enjoyable} in your life|{{People|Folks} {are right|aren’t wrong} when|There’s a good reason} they {named|call} retirement the “golden years”}. {With the {leisure time|downtime|time off} to {chase|pursue|dedicate yourself to} your {hobbies|interests|passions|favorite past times}, {see the world|travel} and {spend|enjoy|take} {plenty of|quality} time with your {loved ones|favorite people|family}, what’s not to {be excited about|look forward to}?|{Chances are you’re|You’re probably|It’s likely you’re} {excited for|looking forward to|ready to {begin|start}} {seeing the world|enjoying your hobbies|traveling} and {enjoying|spending down|taking} time with your {loved ones|favorite people|family}.} However, {Reaching|Getting to|Making it to} {your retirement days|retirement|a comfortable retirement} is {another|a different} {tale|story}. {{Preparing|Planning|Saving} for {|your }retirement {can take|takes} {a long time|{|many }years}, {occasionally|sometimes} decades to {plan|prepare} {independently|on your own}.|It can{| sometimes} {require|take} {many, many years|decades} to {prepare|plan|save} for {a {stable|comfortable}|your} retirement {correctly|properly}.} {If you’re {prepared|ready} to {chase|reach|pursue} your {goals|dreams}, or {be|at least get} {prepared|ready} to {pay for|fund} them, {contact|talk to|call} Retirement Income Strategies {now|today}|{Place|Put} your {golden years|future} in {{professional|expert} hands|the hands of the {professionals|specialists|experts}} and {rely on|trust} Retirement Income Strategies to {guide you to|help you {prepare|save|plan} for} your retirement}. Our {staff|team} of financial {planners|specialists|experts} are {excited|ready|prepared} to {get you {nearer|closer} to|help you reach} your goals.}

{If your retirement is {years|further|decades} {ahead|in the future|away}, it’s {smart|wise|a good idea} to take a {close|careful} {{evaluation|analysis} of|look at} your retirement {portfolio|accounts|outlook} and {begin|start} {setting money aside now|saving right away}.|We {suggest|recommend} {gathering|compiling|collecting} your {portfolio|savings|assets} and {reserving|setting aside} {funds|money} {today|now}, even if you {aren’t going to|won’t} {start retirement|retire} for {years|decades|a long time}.} A financial professional or retirement advisor can help you decide how much {money|of your income} to {set aside|save}, where to invest your {funds|nest egg|money} and how{ best|} to plan for {taxes|income taxes|taxation}.

{{Beginning to|{Starting|Creating} a} Plan For Retirement|How do you {Start|Begin} {Preparing|Planning|Saving}?|When Should I {Begin|Start} {Saving|Planning|Preparing}?}

{Specialists|Experts}{ ranging from{| Wall Street brokerages to} the U.S. Dept. of Labor to top-tier financial {reporters|journalists}|} agree: the {best way|most effective|surest} way to {plan|start planning} for {your {retirement|golden} years|retirement} is {putting|setting} aside savings{ starting|} in your {twenties|20s}. This means more {years|time} for your {funds|investments|money} to {develop|grow|thrive} in the {stocks and bonds|stock} market, and{ it means|} you won’t have to {decrease your standard of living|panic} toward the end of your {professional life|career} as you {get ready|plan} for {years|a future} away from {|a steady job|full-time work}.

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{When you’re saving {money|income} regularly|After you put aside a portion of your {wages| income} for several months}, you {choose|decide} where to put your {developing|growing} {funds|accounts|savings}. The most {commonly|widely|often} {suggested|recommended} {choice|option} is{ to choose|} a fund with tax{ savings|} {perks|benefits} such as a 401(k){|, which you set up through{ work|an employer},} or an IRA{ (investment retirement account)|}{|, which you set up {independently|on your own}}. {Depending on the strategy you choose, y|Y}ou can {invest|set aside} retirement {funds|money} before the {money|wages|income} is taxed or you can receive it {after|during} {your retirement years|retirement} without {accruing|being charged|incurring} taxes.{ If you invest without these tax {benefits|advantages}, you will {pay|be taxed} on the original income and {pay|be taxed} at the capital gains rate{| when you earn profits}.|}{With the money in your accounts, y|Y}ou can also choose between investing in {bonds, stocks|stocks, bonds}, or a {group|combination} of {funds|investments} known as a mutual fund.

{Regardless of {your|what you decide as an} {beginning|initial} strategy, {understand|know} that your|Your} {plan|strategy} {might|could|may} {adjust|change over time} as the{ stock|} markets change. You can {learn|study|keep up on} the {essentials|basics} of {making|developing|creating} a {strategy|plan} for retirement by reading business {journalism|blogs|news}, but a financial {specialist|advisor|professional} has the {experience|knowledge|expertise} to {appreciate|take in|understand} all the details{ and implications|}. If you {work with|rely on|find} a financial {advisor|specialist|expert|professional} you can {rely on|depend on|trust}, you {can|will} save yourself {a lot of trouble|stress and hassle} and will have {more|a much higher chance of} success.

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{{Creating|Developing} a {strategy|plan} for retirement can be {complex|tricky|complicated}, and it gets even more {confusing|bewildering|difficult} when you {have to look|are looking} {many years|decades} in advance. The professionals at Retirement Income Strategies are {dedicated to|focused on|committed to} helping you make the {choices|investments|decision}s that are suitable for{| your life and} your financial {situation|outlook}|It can be intimidating to {{establish|set up|start} a {fund for retirement|retirement fund}|think {very|too} far ahead about your {retirement|finances|future}}, but the {experts|specialists|professionals} {at|from|with} Retirement Income Strategies in {understand|know} retirement planning. In order to {reach|chase|realize} your {goals|dreams} and make {them|your retirement} {happen|a reality}, {let us|allow us to} {assist you|help}. We’ll {use|work carefully with} {the resources|the assets|what} you {{currently|already} have|have} and {develop|start|grow} a {durable|long-lasting|sustainable} {savings fund|nest egg} to {secure|support|fund} your {retirement|best years|future}}.

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