Get to know Kiernan Haney


Kiernan Haney

Lead Advisor

Driven by an interest in finance and a desire to serve others by building well-thought-out plans, Kiernan helps clients pursue their retirement goals using a variety of skills.

As the operations analyst at Retirement Income Strategies, Kiernan is responsible for assisting clients and prospects in multiple ways. This includes helping prepare financial plans, using software to create portfolio presentations, 401(k) optimization, gathering information to help with clients’ Complete Planning Review, answering questions about accounts and assisting clients with applications and other forms.

Now a resident of Madison, Wisconsin, Kiernan grew up in the Milwaukee area and graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater with a degree in finance. He also holds life and health insurance licenses and is a CFP candidate.

When he isn’t helping clients improve their lives, Kiernan enjoys spending time with friends and family including his sister and two brothers. He also likes traveling, learning about history and all things football — from coaching and playing to watching and learning.