Get to know Madelyn Aalund


Madelyn Aalund

Operations Analyst

Madelyn recently came on board to assist us with operations and paraplanning. After graduating from Rockford University with a Bachelor of Science in psychology, magna cum laude, Madelyn worked as a recruiter for a staffing company.

“I loved having the ability to help people find a job to improve their quality of life,” she says. “Now, I’m excited about helping people reach the best years of their life — retirement.”

Outside the office, Madelyn likes to hang out with her friends, go on adventures and support small businesses with her fiancé, Rob. She also loves playing the piano and took lessons between the ages of 6 and 18.

“Rob and I just bought a house in South Beloit — a big fixer-upper,” Madelyn says. “We are in the perfect spot, close to downtown Beloit and close enough to some great towns around the area.”

Madelyn is the youngest of seven children and has nine nieces and nephews as a result!