Get to know Zac Nowatzki


Zac Nowatzki

Financial Planning Resident

Zac entered the financial services industry in hopes of helping clients achieve financial literacy. He is incredibly passionate about helping others and enjoys working with clients to minimize their stress around their financial futures through customized, holistic financial planning.

In college, Zac fell in love with economics and quickly realized how much taxes impact people’s financial picture. He jumped feet first into the industry, joining Retirement Income Strategies, where he focuses on helping clients reach their goals. According to Zac, the best advice he can offer clients is to realize the importance of having a consistent plan.

“Actions compound,” he says. “It is incredibly vital to take consistent steps of progression to evoke long-term change.”

Zac grew up in the small town of Slinger, Wisconsin, before moving to Madison in 2015. He enjoys the University of Wisconsin football and basketball and is an avid Packers, Brewers and Bucks fan. In the summer, he enjoys fishing with his dad on Lake Michigan.