Madison Area Financial Planners for Future Investments

Planning to retire is an exciting stage and a major transition. After you’ve saved through the decades to enjoy your golden days in the Madison, Wisconsin region, you want to know all your plans will work. Families and couples in the Madison region find financial confidence with the assistance of financial planners from Retirement Income Strategies. Our staff takes the time to get to know you, so we can pair the most compatible financial plans to your goals.

We customize our financial planning strategies to match the needs of our Madison customers. Whether you’re saving for retirement or want to set up a financial future for your kids, our team is available to make sure you have a bright financial future.

Investing in Your Financial Future

Regardless of your retirement plans to live in the Madison, Wisconsin region or travel the country or world, the team of experienced financial planners from Retirement Income Strategies can help you draft a financial plan that fits your plans best. Our financial planners provide customized, client-focused advice with a level of care unseen in big name companies. Our insight and friendly methods make Retirement Income Strategies the best choice for people who need of financial planners.

Your Financial Dreams can Be a Reality

While financial planners can’t see the future, they can help you prepare for it. Our mission is to help you reach your goals. Everybody gets a victory with our client-focused approach to wealth management. All future retirees are entitled objective guidance based on recent financial conditions. We know this advice should be given by intelligent and qualified planners who know the long-term ramifications of their advice has and really care about the stability of their clients’ retirement.

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Kristian Finfrock


Our founder and top financial professional, Kristian Finfrock, wants you to maintain a retirement savings that is not majorly impacted by today's volatile market. Contact us at 888.275.3935 to learn more.

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Ed Slott’s IRA Corner

Ed Slott runs the Elite IRA Advisor Group dedicated to spread the word about smart retirement strategies.

Members of Ed Slott’s Elite IRA Advisor GroupTM are dedicated to being leaders in the IRA industry and protecting their clients’ families’ futures.

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Upcoming Events


Our retirement planning professionals offer a number of events to provide education and assistance with senior life insurance, financial planning, and more. Click below to view our upcoming calendar.

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