Financial Planning for Physicians and Dentists

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We understand the medical community

“I truly understand the medical community. After watching my father suffer for years and ultimately die an early and unexpected death, I decided to focus on working with and helping physicians and dentists. I have been fortunate to help several physicians, so I have seen firsthand what it’s like.”

— Kristian Finfrock

As medical professionals, you usually start your earning years later and with significant debt due to your additional years of education. When you face outside stress, the quality of care you provide can suffer. This is why the last thing you need to worry about is your financial future. You should be focused on your patients, not your tax rates or planning for retirement.

At Retirement Income Strategies, we offer holistic financial services for our physician and dentist clients. Just as there is no single treatment or medicine that is best for every patient, there’s no one strategy that works for all of our clients. Instead, the services we provide are individualized for your specific situation.

Some of the key financial issues we can address:

  • Tax Planning

  • Retirement Finances

  • Children’s Educational and Future Needs

  • Investment Strategies

  • Asset Risk Management and Protection

  • Cash Flow

  • Business Retirement

  • Legacy Planning

  • Estate Planning

We also take your privacy as seriously as you take the privacy of your patients. We will not even share with others that you are our client without your express, written permission.

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