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Fixed Annuities Throughout Madison

Have you started seriously considering your financial future? Do you have a retirement plan that includes your children’s well-being?

Navigating the world of finance isn’t simple. It can also be quite stressful to figure out where and when you need to invest your money. But these types of questions need to be asked (and answered) eventually. At Retirement Income Strategies in Madison, Wisconsin, we help people discover the answers to these and many other questions about annuities, life insurance, and other financial products. As financial professionals, we will help you stabilize your financial future.

One of the great financial products that we offer in Madison are fixed annuities. The specifics of a fixed annuity may be a mystery to the general public. Our team can help you learn about this product and work with you to determine if it is a good fit.

What are fixed annuities?

An annuity, similar to life insurance, is a contract between an individual and a financial organization. After paying a premium, the owner of the annuity will receive a lump sum or incremental payments. Fixed annuities get their name from their interest rates that are locked in at the time of purchase. This is is great for anyone looking for an investment that is safe and low-risk.

Advantages of fixed annuities

Here are some of the benefits of fixed annuities:

  • Low-risk investment – As an investor, you’re guaranteed to get back what you have invested.
  • Tax deferral – Fixed annuities are tax-deferred, which means this money will not be taxed until the day your investment is withdrawn.
  • Shelter from creditors – Annuity investments are safe from probate proceedings and cannot be touched by creditors in most situations.
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