How to be Happy in Retirement

Happiness and retirement don’t seem synonymous to most people. However, you can find happiness during this time of life if you plan accordingly. A happy retirement is about more than saving enough money or having a great pension plan.

Here are our tips for a happy, fulfilling retirement:

Figure out what you want from retirement

You need to know how you’ll spend your days, where you’ll spend them and what will make you the most fulfilled. It’s key to know where you’ll retire and how much traveling you will do. Many people retire in other countries tamiflu for kids. Though it’s not for everyone, a survey of 389 expatriates found that 81 percent were happier in the new country. Why were these expats so happy? For many, the cost of living was much less expensive. Others said they were less stressed because the new country wasn’t as fast-paced as America and allowed them live a simpler life.

Come up with a retirement income plan

Sit down and figure out how much your 401(k) and other accounts will translate to in monthly income. Figure out how much you’ll get from Social Security and pension, how much you can afford to withdraw each year and which accounts you’ll tap first for withdrawals. Creating this kind of plan will relieve stress once you are retired, but don’t be surprised if retirement income or expenses don’t turn out the way you expected.

Choose when to retire and follow through

It’s been found that workers who retired by choice were happier than those whose retirement was forced. Many people aren’t fortunate enough to be able to decide when they can retire because they lose their job or their bad health forces them to stop working. If you can pick your date, you should.

Keep engaged and healthy

Many of the happiest retirees are engaged in meaningful activity or actively employed. Some become entrepreneurs, some start second careers and other just volunteer sporadically. Make sure to eat well, sleep, have fun, exercise and maintain good social connections. This is key to happy, healthy retirement.

Find a part-time job

People who phase into retirement by gradually reducing hours are often the happiest. If you can’t manage this, quitting your job and finding part-time work can be not only financially satisfying, but mentally and physically satisfying as well. Working during retirement keeps your mind sharp, your body active and helps you avoid isolation and loneliness.

Pursue passions and learn new things

These passions could be hobbies you had when you were younger but stopped over the years. Whether it’s playing an instrument, dancing, painting or swimming, now is the time to pick those hobbies up again. It’s also a great time to discover new passions as well, so take classes or find one-on-one instruction.

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