How to Smoothly Transition and Enjoy Early Retirement

Anyone can tell you that retirement will never go as planned. However, the better your plan is, the better the outcome will be. You need to be flexible to adapt to changing circumstances because you never know what retirement will be like until you get there. During retirement you have a lot of free time, so you need to find fulfilling and interesting things to do with your time and energy.

Make sure to live within your means

You’ve earned your retirement, now it’s time to make it last. If you have a fixed income each month, create and stick to a budget so you can stay within your limits. If you’re spending from a nest egg, research your appropriate withdrawal rate and tax rules that might apply.

Start traveling

You no longer have to worry about limits of vacation time, so take extended vacations. Try living in a foreign country for a while or take a long cruise. Now is the time to see the world and explore new places, learn a language and discover a new culture.

Purchase a motor home

Buy a new or used motorhome and take your home with you as you travel. Make a goal to visit each national park across the country, from the Grand Canyon and Arches National Park to Mount Rainier, the Everglades and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.


Use all your free time to make home improvements. It can be something as simple as organizing items in your house, or a big project like adding on additional space. You have time now, so learn to make the changes yourself.

Move out of the city

If you’re tired of traffic, noise and expenses of the city, move out to the country. You don’t have a job anymore, so you can live wherever you want. Use this new space in the country to start a garden, orchard or raise some animals. It’s all up to you!

Move to the city

Maybe you’ve always been in a rural area and you’re ready for a taste of metropolitan life. When you live in the city, all life’s necessities are there within a few blocks. Downsize your house and buy an apartment in a bustling metropolis. You’ll experience the best of art and culture there.

Get a part-time job

If you still want a place to go every day, find a fun part-time job with a great company. This will not only bring you extra income, but it gives you a place to socialize every day. If you still need insurance, there are part-time jobs with benefits.


Use your time to give back. Contact your local church or other charitable organization to find volunteer opportunities that suit your skills. You can also go overseas for more extensive volunteer opportunities.

Spend time with those you love

See your friends and family more often. Now is a great time to spend time with them and form lasting bonds. You can also use this time to meet new friends or discover relatives you never knew about.

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