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  • Save your Savings with Infinite Banking

    We all feel obligated to keep our savings in banks or credits unions, regardless if we want to or not. Wouldn’t you prefer be in charge over your own finances instead of giving your earnings to someone you don’t know? Infinite banking is an old idea that has become appealing because it falls outside of the hands of big banks, enables investors complete control over their money, and helps people enjoy a happy retirement without the problems of stock market shifts. For a happy retirement, you may want to consider infinite banking as a path. Call Retirement Income Strategies to find out more about infinite banking.

    What is Infinite Banking?

    By using infinite banking, you act as your own personal bank. The system begins with a lump sum of cash that will finance your retirement. With the assistance of dividend-paying, long-term life insurance, you can keep the leftover cash to set up your own bank.

    What You Get out of Infinite Banking

    Across Madison, people have collected benefits of infinite banking. These consist of:

    • A death benefit that matures over time: When you pass away, your loved ones may not have the ability to manage your wishes or themselves. With the assistance of infinite banking, nobody has to be concerned. As your infinite banking matures, it will leave you and your loved ones in a good situation.
    • A Secure Investment: When you participate in infinite banking, it isn’t dependant tides of volatile stocks. This means you can expect security with infinite banking.
    • Not Beholden to Stockholders: Policyholders, rather than of stockholders, have the final say with infinite banking.. Rather than focusing on temporary growth to please stockholders, we can aim for long-term investments.

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