Tax Saving Strategies

Saving for retirement is a smart move at any age. So how do you get started in your 30s or 40s before your retirement counts have matured? With tax-saving investments from Retirement Income Strategies, you can start growing your funds now. We serve the entire Madison, WI area with investments, strategies and advice.

Start Simple

Start your tax-saving strategy by getting a healthier refund every year. By getting more deductions and a higher refund, you have a lump sum perfect to start tax-advantaged investments. With a few simple habits, you can see the savings year over year.

First, file your taxes early or by E-filing with direct deposit so your refund arrives sooner. Those who file online often see their refund within 21 days. Every year thousands of taxpayers overpay to have their taxes filed for them. By filing your own forms or opting for a more affordable service, you’ll already save hundreds of dollars. Sound a little overwhelming? Not if you start saving receipts and recording your year accurately. Chances are you’ll find deductions for things you didn’t know were eligible.

Maximize your Accounts

Start contributing to your retirement funds regularly. If you have a 401(k) and are 50 and over, you can contribute up to $18,000, which can lower your taxes later in the year. If you have an IRA and are over 50, you can contribute up to $6,500 until the tax deadline. Some people with an IRA may also have saver’s credit available to them.

Tax-Advantaged Investments & Liens

Another specialty of Retirement Income Strategies is guiding you through tax-advantaged investments. These are investments, accounts or plans that are exempt, deferred or offer other tax benefits. The most common types include municipal bonds, partnerships UITs and annuities. There are many options available for those in Madison, WI, so let us point you in the right direction.

Tax Lien Investing

Lien investing has become a popular way to bring in extra income for your retirement in Madison, WI. When owners fail to pay the property taxes on their home or land, investors in the public can pay the lien and receive a rate of return plus interest. This strategy allows you to take advantage of Madison’s changing landscape over decades to come. Learn more by talking to Retirement Income Strategies.

Call to Learn More from Retirement Income Strategies

Whether retirement is around the corner or decades away, preparing for the future is never a bad thing. Learn your options when it comes to tax-saving strategies for now or down the road. We serve the entire Madison, WI area with quality financial and retirement advice. Call us today at 608.208.1800.

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