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If you have spent four or even five decades working for someone else, it’s time to spend your life doing what makes you happy during your retirement. If you’re near retirement, you know what that means –- an income of about three quarters of what you earned while employed full-time, plus money for health care and savings to help you reach your dreams like a boat or RV, world travel, hobbies or building a dream home. If you haven’t already, take a careful look at your retirement portfolio and work with a qualified, trusted financial professional to make the most out of your retired years.

We recommend collecting your assets and reserving money today, even if you aren’t going to retire for a long time. A financial professional or retirement advisor can help you decide how much of your income to save, where to invest your funds and how best to plan for taxes.

How do you Start Saving?

Specialists ranging from the U.S. Dept. of Labor to top-tier financial journalists agree: the most effective way to start planning for retirement is putting aside savings starting in your 20s. This means more years for your funds to develop in the stocks and bonds market, and it means you won’t have to panic toward the end of your professional life as you plan for years away from full-time work.

Financial Products

After you put aside a portion of your income for several months, you choose where to put your growing accounts. The most widely suggested choice is a fund with tax savings perks such as a 401(k) or an IRA (investment retirement account), which you set up independently. You can set aside retirement money before the income is taxed or you can receive it during retirement without incurring taxes.You can also choose between investing in bonds, stocks, or a combination of investments known as a mutual fund.

Your strategy may change over time as the markets change. You can learn the essentials of developing a strategy for retirement by reading business journalism, but a financial specialist has the experience to understand all the details. If you find a financial specialist you can trust, you can save yourself stress and hassle and will have more success.

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Developing a strategy for retirement can be complex, and it gets even more difficult when you have to look decades in advance. The professionals at Retirement Income Strategies are committed to helping you make the decisions that are suitable for your financial situation.

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