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  • Are You Ready to Retire?

    Forget about what they say regarding your younger years, your retirement years should be the the real prime of your life. It’s likely you’re ready to begin traveling and taking time with your loved ones. However, Reaching retirement is another story. It can sometimes take many, many years to prepare for a comfortable retirement correctly. Put your golden years in expert hands and rely on Retirement Income Strategies to guide you to your retirement. Our team of financial experts are ready to help you reach your goals.

    We suggest compiling your assets and setting aside money today, even if you aren’t going to start retirement for years. A financial professional or retirement advisor can help you decide how much money to save, where to invest your funds and how best to plan for taxes.

    How do you Begin Saving?

    Specialists agree: the most effective way to plan for your retirement years is putting aside savings starting in your 20s. This means more years for your money to grow in the stock market, and it means you won’t have to panic toward the end of your career as you get ready for years away from full-time work.

    What We Offer

    After you put aside a portion of your income for several months, you choose where to put your developing funds. The most commonly suggested option is to choose a fund with tax savings perks such as a 401(k), which you set up through work, or an IRA (investment retirement account), which you set up independently. Depending on the strategy you choose, you can set aside retirement money before the money is taxed or you can receive it after retirement without accruing taxes. If you invest without these tax advantages, you will pay on the original income and pay at the capital gains rate when you earn profits.You can also choose between investing in stocks, bonds, or a combination of funds known as a mutual fund.

    Your plan might change over time as the stock markets change. You can keep up on the basics of making a plan for retirement by reading business journalism, but a financial advisor has the experience to understand all the details and implications. If you rely on a financial advisor you can rely on, you can save yourself a lot of trouble and will have more success.

    Meeting with a Financial Expert

    Creating a plan for retirement can be tricky, and it gets even more confusing when you have to look decades in advance. The professionals at Retirement Income Strategies are focused on helping you make the investmentss that are suitable for your life and your financial outlook.

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    Ed Slott runs the Elite IRA Advisor Group dedicated to spread the word about smart retirement strategies.

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