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How to Retire Somewhere with a High Cost of Living

If you’ve been strategic with your saving and planning, one of the perks of retirement is moving somewhere you’ve been dreaming about. Where you choose to relocate in retirement can dictate what you spend your money on. If you’ve chosen a location with a high cost of living, there are some rules and guidelines that…

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How to Smoothly Transition and Enjoy Early Retirement

Anyone can tell you that retirement will never go as planned. However, the better your plan is, the better the outcome will be. You need to be flexible to adapt to changing circumstances because you never know what retirement will be like until you get there. During retirement you have a lot of free time,…

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Tips for a Healthy, Happy Retirement

If you’re retired or entering retirement, you’re probably going to start prioritizing your hobbies and other interests. However, now is also a great time to start prioritizing your health. Of course you can get sick at any age, but your immune system starts to weaken as you get older. Healing slows and your system can’t…

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Why Work With a Financial Advisor in Retirement?

If you’ve worked carefully to plan for upcoming retirement, but still seek assurance, then meeting with a financial advisor in your best option. Financial advisors have access to investment and insurance companies and know exactly what to do to make your retirement plans a reality. Here are a few reasons why you should meet with…

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Tips for the First-Time Saver

You’ve taken a step in the right direction when it comes to your finances, but what about your kids? Or are you a first time saver yourself? Many young adults haven’t given much thought to preparing for their retired life. Lots of Gen Xers and Millennials are saddled with student loan debt and may worry…

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